Opening: Extraschrot @ “A Fistfull of Life” (Berlin)

The artist group Extraschrot of Katharina Arndt and Gero Neumeister shows some of their works in another exhibition, this time e.g. the light installation “Vorsprung durch Technik I” (2009; click on the image for an animation).

In the words of the artists: “Again and again, a nuclear mushroom cloud forms as a blinking Christmas decoration. The atomic bomb as indispensable demonstration of power for states which can afford it stands for the technological achievements of our civilisation and is, at the same time, its potential nemesis. Connected to the profane aesthetics of a Christmas light decoration, the atomic bomb has been arrived in the middle of society and is being accepted as a harbinger of peace.”1

It’s still a bit time until Christmas, but the three-steps light installation in its dimension of 350 x 325 cm is worthwhile to see even at this time of the year.

The group exhibition “Eine Handvoll Leben” (A Fistfull of Life) is being curated by Nicole Messerlehner and presents statements by the following artists: Katharina Arndt, Carrick Bell, Constant Dullaart, Extraschrot, Carly Fischer, Klaus Jörres, Martin Kohout, Dafna Maimon, Sarah van Marcke, Tanja Nittka, Gero Neumeister and Michael Ruglio-Misurell.

Eine Handvoll Leben
Kunst in Kreuzberg e.V.
Atelierhof Kreuzberg
Schleiermacherstrasse 31–37
10961 Berlin

14-21 May 2010
Tu-Fr 1200-1800h

Friday, 14 May 2010, 1900h

  1. Translation Bayer

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