Borrowed Plumes: Demokratie-Spiegel writes about Jürgen Graetz’s “Erinnerungen”

The online magazine “Demokratie-Spiegel” published a short review about the photo exhibition “Jürgen Graetz: Erinnerungen” that is curated by Martin Bayer. They already had been so kind to previously point to the exhibition’s opening  on 29 October 2010.

The worthwhile exhibition with 42 photographs by Jürgen Graetz can be visited until late February 2011 in the premises of republik movida GmbH (prior reservation by email or phone necessary):

Wartist presents:
Erinnerungen – Fotografien von Jürgen Graetz
republik movida GmbH
Luisenstr. 41
10117 Berlin
Tel. +49-(0)30-526 825 410

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