The First World War in Comics (Meaux, France)

On 4 March 2018 and for the third time already, the highly visitable Musée de la Grande Guerre (Europe’s largest museum dedicated on the First World War, located in Meaux close to Paris) invites to the half-day event La Grande Guerre en BD (The First World War in Comics). An impressive lineup of authors and artists of contemporary comics and graphic novels on the First World War will be present, including Fabien Bedouel, Régis Hautière, Milan Jovanovic, Kris, Maël, Marko, Alain Mounier, Olier, Patrice Ordas, Pat PernaIvan Stojkovic and Philippe Zytka.

Kris (Christophe Goret) as author and Maël (Martin Leclerc) as illustrator created the most impressive book  Notre mère la guerre (our mother war). Patrice Ordas and Alain Mounier are those artists behind the series L’Ambulance 13, rather a number of adventure stories. Olier and Marko address younger audiences with Les godillots, whereas Fabien Bedouel and Pat Perna (Darnand, le bourreau français) as well as Régis Hautière (La guerre des Lulus) show different approaches on the Great War. The volume L’ombre d’antan : récits de la Grande Guerre is a collection of 14 stories by Serb authors that were illustrated by most different illustrators; on this occasion, Milan Jovanovic, Ivan Stojkovic and Philippe Zytka will be present.

Besides the opportunity for directly talking with all the authors and illustrators, workshops and specific guided tours will be offered on this day.


La Grande Guerre en BD (The First World War in Comics)
4 March 2018

Musée de la Grande Guerre
Rue Lazare Ponticelli
77100 Meaux
Opening hours : daily 0930-1800h
Entrance fee: 10,- € (concessions 5,- €/7,- €)

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