Till Ansgar Baumhauer: “Collateral Creativity” at okk, Berlin

Till Ansgar Baumhauer presents his exhibition  “Collateral Creativity” at okk/Raum 29 in Berlin from 29 September until 7 October 2012. The exhibition is about connecting the Thirty Years’ War in Germany (1618-1848) with the experience of contemporary Afghanistan that is looking onto a history of more than thirty years in war.

The artist will be present during the opening hours (Th-Su 1500-1900h). In addition, there will be two artist’s talks and a talk with Martin Bayer (from wartist.org) about the issue of “old” and “new” wars.

Till Ansgar Baumhauer: Collateral Creativity
29 September – 7 October 2012
Th-Su 1500-1900h and by previous appointment

Opening: Fr 28 September 2012 1800h

Artist’s talks: Sa 29 September and 6 October 2012, 1900h
“aus alt mach neu” – Old New Wars
Talk with Martin Bayer (www.Wartist.org)
Th 4 October 2012, 1930h

okk / Raum 29
Prinzenallee 29
D-13359 Berlin

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