Fortresses: Inside and Outside – Young Art from Leipzig (Festung Rosenberg, Kronach)

The exhibition “Festungen: Innen und Außen” (Fortresses: Inside and Outside; 5 July to 31 October 2012) presents position from 22 artists on the meaning of fortresses in our time. It forms the artistic complementary exhibition to this year’s Bayern-Ausstellung (Bavaria Exhibition) “Festungen – Frankens Bollwerke” (Fortresses: Franconia’s Strongholds) at Festung Rosenberg in Kronach (17 May to 21 October 2012).

Which meaning has the term “fortress” to today’s living environment? There are fortresses to the inside and the outside, political, social and subjective-psychological connotations that lead to interesting interpretations of this subject, based on various techniques. The following 22 artists present paintings, prints, photos, video installations and sculptures:

Anna Baranowski

Sven Bergelt

Mahmoud Dabdoub

Benjamin Dittrich

Juliane Duda

Patrick Fauck

Nils Franke

Daniela Friebel

Bertram Haude

Anne Heinlein

René Heinrich

Kai-Olaf Hesse

Deborah Jeromin

Jens Klein

Petra Mattheis

Agnes Michalczyk

Gudrun Petersdorff

Jens Rötzsch

Hannah Sieben

Robert Schmiedel

Stefan Stößel

Petra Warrass

Festungen: Innen und Außen

5 July to 31 October 2012

Tuesday to Sunday 0930-1730h

Festung Rosenberg

Fürstenhaus, 2nd floor

Festung 1

D-96317 Kronach


Entrance fee (including the Bayern-Ausstellung): 4.50 €, conc. 2.- €, family ticket 10.- €

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