Window to Gaza

Weiterhin keine Feuerpause in Sicht (, 1.1.2009)
Still no cease fire in sight (, 1.1.2009)

The Tagesschau acts creatively on the Gaza conflict:

On January 1st 2009 (at this point, if it might be regarded as inappropriate:1 Happy New Year!) the website of the time-honoured newscast published the photo montage above, sporting the title “Still no cease fire in sight” (“Weiterhin keine Feuerpause in Sicht”). I would call it quite inspirational and thus would like it to show it here: the ensemble of a Palestinian carrying a window frame, a second, neatly placed gentleman and the inserted image of a column of smoke above a cityscape is quite something. One is tempted to assume that the window frame is bound to be build into opening on the left: instead of a room, a street with a view.

  1. Having said that, it always will be at this blog…

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