Of Corn Grenades and Nazi Kittens

Again in this year, to be precise on December 4th 2008 at the venue TIPI am Kanzleramt (close to the Federal Chancellery), the professional interest magazine politik&kommunikation presented its Politikaward. For Wartist, too, there was something to be enjoyed: remembering the campaign of M&C Saatchi (Berlin) for the regional association of the party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Greens)regarding the election of the state parliament in Lower Saxony on January 27th 2008.

From late 2007 onwards, the provoking posters of the campaign “Jetzt. Für Morgen.” (“Now. For Tomorrow.”) could be seen. After just one year, the Green party ceded their cooperation with M&C Saatchi in May 2008. The campaign did not win the Politikaward in the category “campaigns of political institutions” (it was won by the CDU party in Lower Saxony), but due to its well-deserved nomination, the said campaign of the Greens was remembered. Thus, here are two interesting and relevant examples:

Firstly, there is the corn hand grenade,1 whose appearance strongly reminds of Antonio Riello’s Ladies’ Weapons. Secondly, the following “Nazi cat”2 should at least remind the web-affine generation of the so-called Kitler community (e.g. “Cats that look like Hitler”) where it was borrowed from.3

  1. The caption reads: “Popcorn 2.0 – Natural instead of genetically engineered food”.
  2. The caption reads: “You don’t alwayd spot Nazis at first glance. Act against the Right instead of looking away.
  3. See article in the German daily Welt of January 25th 2008

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