Lisa Glauer: “…later, she will build nuclear vessels” (OKK Berlin)

From 22 February until 3 March 2013, Berlin-based gallery Organ kritischer Kunst (OKK, organ of critical arts) presents the exhibition “…später baut sie Atomschiffe” (…later, she will build nuclear vessels” with works by Lisa Glauer. The exhibition will be opened with the performance “experimental production of evidence by visualisation”. Lisa Glauer uses breast milk as material for her works. This project is part of her PhD dissertation on Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar.

When Lenin was jailed, he bypassed the ban on writing by writing between the lines of a book with milk. The text remained invisible until being heated up. Lisa Glauer refers with her work to this story, adding various additional levels by using breast milk for her pictures. Written white on white ground, the drawings – once heated – show technical illustrations of nuclear power plants and weapon systems, published in the popular science magazines “Hobby” (West Germany) and “Jugend und Technik” (youth and technics, East Germany) and in other contemporary sources. Thus, the artist addresses the supposed “human triumph over nature” of the 1970s, when technology and not the least nuclear power were regarded as saviour in both East and West.

In her performance, she will make the milk drawings on white paper rolls visible by ironing. The strong and specific odour is a conscious part of this “production of evidence”. The exhibition’s title closes the circle by referring to the East German book “Auf den Spuren Lenins” (following Lenin’s tracks, 1972): a “Wolgamädchen” (Volga girl) is playing with paper boats, but the caption reads that “later, she will build nuclear vessels”.


Lisa Glauer: “…later, she will build nuclear vessels”
22 February until 3 March 2013, Th-Su 1500-1900h
Opening/performance: 22 February 2013, 2000h
Artist talk: 24 February 2013, 1800h, with Carsten Horn and Julia Bonn (NGBK)

Organ kritischer Kunst
Prinzenallee 29
13359 Berlin

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