Verdun: Der lange Weg zum Frieden 1916-2016 (Institut Français Berlin)

Institut Français Berlin presents the photo exhibition “Verdun: Der lange Weg zum Frieden 1916-2016” (Verdun: the long way to peace 1916-2016) one hundred years after the Battle of Verdun. Since years, British photographer Michael St Maur Sheil addresses the battle fields of the First World War. The battle changed the landscape, which is visible even nowadays: forts and gun cupolas that were shot to pieces, shell holes and trenches, barbed wire and unexpolded munitions.

The Battle of Verdun is of utmost importance for the French culture of remembrance regarding the First World War (see the Wartist article on the exhibition “Tosende Stille”). Thus, it is far from being astonishing that in 2016, the French official Mission du Centenaire de la première guerre mondiale puts the emphasis of commemoration on this very battle.

The exhibitons consists of landscape photographs in the exterior gallery as well as a 80 m² (some 860 ft²) map of the front line in the entrance area. Entry is free of charge.

Verdun: Der lange Weg zum Frieden 1916-2016
Photos by Michael St Maur Sheil
10-31 March 2016
We-Fr 1400-1800h, Sa 1100-1500h

Institut Français Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 211
10179 Berlin

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