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Essay: 1917 – A German Perspective

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My short essay “1917 – A German Perspective” about the war year of 1917 is now online on New Zealand’s official website about the First World War Centenary. For both New Zealand and Australia, the First World War is of pivotal importance for shaping the national self-concept. Other perceptions are crucial if a reduction to the own perspective is to be avoided. It has been a pleasure and honour to make a small contribution in this respect.

Works by German artists from the times of the First World War were used as illustration, mostly coming from the wonderful collection of Dr Gerhard Schneider – a sincere word of thanks for this support! Today, and unfortunately, the impressive works by Otto Fischer-Trachau, Fritz Fuhrken, Andreas Gering and Hugo Krayn are hardly known.

1917 – A German Perspective

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