For my Father (German release date)

The Israeli-German movie “For my Father” (Sof Shavua B’Tel Aviv; German: Alles für meinen Vater) about a Palestinian suicide bomber is getting released today in Germany.

On today’s release date, I will just present some basic information; a review will follow soon:

The young Palestinian Tarek (Shredi Jabarin) cannot proceed his career as football player due to the situation at the West Bank border. His father is seen as collaborator with the Israeli and thus despised. Tarek wants to restore his father’s honour by blowing himself up at a busy market in Tel Aviv. The fuse fails to work, however. Repairing it at the spot will take two days. In that time, Tarek learns about Jewish culture and meets people such as the embittered Katz (Shlomo Vishinsky) and the beautiful Keren (Hili Yalon), in whom he falls in love…

“For my Father” received the seal of approval “Highly recommended” (“Besonders wertvoll”) from the German “Filmbewertungsstelle” (Movie Rating Agency). The movie gained the audience award at the 30th Moscow International Filmfestival and received seven nominations for the Israeli Ophir (best original script, best actor, amongst others).

“For my Father” is the big screen debut of the director Dror Zahavi. In Germany, he became known for directing various TV dramas such as “Der geheimnisvolle Schatz von Troja” (“The Mystic Treasure of Troy”, 2007) or Die Luftbrücke – Nur der Himmel war frei” (“The Airlift”, 2005). Currently, he is shooting “Mein Leben” (“My Life”), the autobiograpy of the German literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki.

For my Father (Sof Shavua B’Tel Aviv)Israel/Germany 2008


95 minutes (Israel: 100 minutes)

Further Links:Alles für meinen Vater (official German website)

For my Father (IMDB, Englisch)

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