Exhibition: War and Medicine (Dresden)

The Deutsche Hygiene-Museum (German Hygiene Museum) in Dresden presents from 4 April to 9 August 2009 the comprehensive exhibition “Krieg und Medizin” (War and Medicine). It has been organised in cooperation with the Wellcome Collection in London, where the exhibition could be seen from 22 November 2008 to 15 February 2009. The multifaceted Ausstellung exposition includes 450 exhibits on 800m²: photos, surgical instruments, prostheses, documents, but also video installations, paintings and other works of art. A visit is highly recommended.

The ambivalent nature of mankind can be mirrored in the complex relation between war and medicine: on one hand, man is able and ready to use violence against other human beings to main and to kill them; on the other hand he risks his own life to help and heal others. This Janus-faced attitude is in the centre of this exhibition and applies to all of its sections.

However, this exhibition neither can nor wants to pose or even answer the question which of today’s countless military operations are politically legitimate. Rather consistently it regards the relation between war and medicine from the perspective of all those who either became victims of military use of force or who bear responsibility to alleviate their ailment.

The extensive supporting programme wants to deal with various contemporary aspects of this subject, especially with the role of civilians and children who increasingly become victims of acts of war nowadays. The Deutsche Hygiene-Museum wants to make its contribution on society’s ability to deal with this difficult subject in a responsible and discerning way.

James Peto, Kate Forde and Lucy Shanahan developed the exhibition’s concept; the Dresden version is by Colleen M. Schmitz and Stefanie Neuner. Hans Dieter Schaal was the renowned designer in charge of the architecture.  A catalogue (272 pages with 206 pictures) has been published for 24.90 € at Wallenstein-Verlag.

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum
Lingnerplatz 1
01069 Dresden

Krieg und Kunst
4 April – 9 August 2009
Tu-Su 1000-1800h
Entrance 6€ (reduced 3€)

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