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NATO: Obama Cake for the 60th

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Currently, NATO is holding its summit in Strasbourg, Kehl and Baden-Baden, commemorating the organisation’s 60th anniversary. While the third city is not mentioned at all in the official programme (“Strasbourg-Kehl Summit“), the local confectioner Klaus Vollmer designed a “NATO welcomes Obama cake“.

A travel to California and the NATO summit inspired the patissier to design the cake. The dough is made of dark sponge “because Americans like to eat chocolate”, Vollmer said.1 In addition, the cake contains Californian almonds, organge marmalade and chocolate cream. The coating is made of dark chocolate and is being topped by the writing “grüßt Obama” (welcomes Obama) and a wafer decoration showing the NATO logo.

At least, it is not “handsome and tanned”, like Italy’s Prime Minister Berlusconi called the new US President. Neither are there any pistachios from Afghanistan nor marzipan-made helicopters, as a small reminder to the fact that Obama (whom the German public opinion is will regarding brimming with enthusiasm) will continue to ask for more troops for the Afghanistan mission(s); he will get them sooner or later (our guess: after the German general elections in autumn), although gnashingly (yes, it will cost money, which we prefer to spend on the Abwrackprämie, the German old-banger premium).

Tuck in, then! And from tomorrow onwards, there will be some more serious entries here – really!

  1. There may be some reasonable hope that no use could be found for the glutinous-soapy “Hershey’s”, much as I’d like to cherish friendship among the peoples.
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