255.804 km² – Young Art from the Former Yugoslavia (Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna)

From 27 May until 23 June 2011, Hilger Brot-Kunsthalle in Vienna (Austria) presents “255,804 km² – Young Art from the Former Yugoslavia“, naming the size of the then-Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in its title. The exhibition assembles works from 30 artists who were born in this state that broke down in 1991-1992. This collapse led to several wars; most of their conflicts are still unresolved.

This group show was curated by Alenka Gregorič and co-curated by Mateja Podlesnik; it comprises works from the following artists:

255.804 km²

27 May – 23 June 2011, Th-Sa 1200-1800h

Opening: 26 May 2011, 1900h

Brot Kunsthalle

Absberggasse 27, Stair 1

1100 Vienna


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