Wartist Exclusive: “Trümmerfrau” by Jens Kloppmann

Since years, Berlin-based artist Jens Kloppmann is addressing issues of visual reality and collective memory that he is realising with many different media. Today, I am proud to present to you an edition that he has manufactured exclusively for Wartist and which will solely be offered via Wartist. His work “Trümmerfrau”1 does not only bring back memories of Germany’s old currency, but is a strong statement of humility and not the least of German identity.

Even ten years after the Euro’s introduction, many can remember the 50 Pfennig coin’s subject: the kneeling Trümmerfrau who is planting a common oak tree2 does not only stand for the reconstruction after the lost war. She is referring, too, for the founding of the West-German state’s self-concept of modesty and humility and is still an icon of shaping visual identity.

Jens Kloppmann has cut out this image with a jigsaw and presents it stained in oak on a green canvas. The edition is limited to 111 pieces, signed and numbered and costs 150.- € plus 7.- € S&H3, incl. 7% VAT.

Jens Kloppmann (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Kunsthochschule Kassel) is primarily dealing with issues of historical perception and collective memory. He casts bullet holes in plaster, offers a “photographic exile” for the revolutionary Trotsky who had been retouched from stalinist pictures, and cuts out icons of contemporary history with a jigsaw. His works were presented at Fridericianum Kassel, October Salon Belgrade and Survival 8 Art Review, Wrocław et al. From February 2012, he will show his works in the single show “Die Prosa der Ereignisse” (the prose of events) at ARD-Hauptstadtstudio, curated by Martin Bayer.


  • Acrylic on canvas/stained ply wood, 30 x 25 cm, 111 pieces, numbered and signed
  • 150.- € plus 7.- € S&H within Germany incl. 7% VAT; international shipping on request
  • Delivery time 6 days after receipt of payment; shipping via DHL
  • Orders until 18 December can be delivered until Christmas Eve (please contact us for international shipping)
  • Orders and requests: order@wartist.org


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  1. Trümmerfrau literally means “rubble women” and refers to the millions of German women that cleared the rubble after World War II
  2. In Germany, the common oak is called “German oak” and has always been the “tree of identity” in a country whose identity has always been connected to wood.
  3. This refers to packages within Germany; please contact us for international rates

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