Valkyrie (European Premiere)

Another excellent German film title (not): The Hitler errr Stauffenberg Assassination.  “Valkyrie” already rocked the media boot a little bit: how could the bloody American dare to picturise a thoroughly German hero’s epic like that of the conspirators of 20 July 1944, while there are already quite some German films about it? But there were even more signs of the Occident’s doom, as its leading actor is not even a proper Christian! Now, the film premieres in Europe. Continue reading “Valkyrie (European Premiere)”

Fritz Tiedemann: As Far as No Eye Can See (Berlinische Galerie)


The Berlinische Galerie presents the exhibition “As Far as No Eye Can See” from 1 November 2008 until 22 February 2009, consisting of panorama photos of Berlin, taken 1949-1951 by Fritz Tiedemann. Due to the partly huge dimensions of the pictures exhibited, watching the images of the city destroyed by war offers quite an intensive experience. Continue reading “Fritz Tiedemann: As Far as No Eye Can See (Berlinische Galerie)”