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Elly Beinhorn’s Record Flight on a Commemorative Stamp

Friday, 13. August 2010, 1918h No comments

On 13 August 1935 at around 0330h, the already well-known aviator Elly Beinhorn started in today’s Polish Gliwice (Gleiwitz) for another record flight: within one day, she wanted to fly from Germany to Asia and return; at the end, her famous flight resulted in 3,470 km within nearly 13.5 hours. This record flight, the pilot and her plane – a Bf-108 “Taifun” (Typhoon) – are being honoured by a commemorative stamp, issued on 12 August 2010 by the German postal service Deutschen Post AG.

Design by Klein & Neumann, Iserlohn

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Please no Military: 100 Years German Navy School Mürwik (Commemorative Envelope)

Thursday, 29. July 2010, 1930h No comments

On 21 November 2010, German Naval Academy Mürwik as the main training establishment for all German Navy officers celebrates its 100th anniversary. On this occasion, the Deutsche Post (German postal services) issues on 12 August 2010 a so-called “Ganzdrucksache” (stamped commemorative envelope), a C6 envelope with printed commemorative picture and a stamp of 0,55€ for a price of 0,75€ plus shipping and handling.

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