Radio Talk: The Bundeswehr’s Culture of Remembrance

On 13 August 2010 at 1915h, German radio station Deutschlandradio broadcasted a 45 minutes discussion of its programme Kulturgespräch called “Freundliches Desinteresse” (amiable lack of interest, a quote by former Federal President Horst Köhler on the German people’s attitude towards the Bundeswehr) about “The Bundeswehr’s Culture of Remembrance”.

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Opening: Extraschrot @ “A Fistfull of Life” (Berlin)

The artist group Extraschrot of Katharina Arndt and Gero Neumeister shows some of their works in another exhibition, this time e.g. the light installation “Vorsprung durch Technik I” (2009; click on the image for an animation).

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