Alexander Seiler: Panthersprung (Schultz Contemporary Berlin)

The gallery Schultz Contemporary Berlin presents from 28 February to 18 April works by the Nuremberg-based artist Alexander Seiler in the exhibition “Panthersprung”: he creates fascinating objects that remind of warships and other military equipment that appear to be made into a symbiotic union with architectural elements.

The title refers to the 1911 “Panthersprung nach Agadir” (panther’s leap to Agadir), the so-called “Agadir Crisis” or “Second Morocco Crisis”, an example of imperial “gunboat diplomacy”, in which aggressive gestures were used to gain power or influence. The Morocco Crisis was a clear harbinger of the First World War: Germany was increasingly isolated while its public opinion increasingly became enthusiastic about war and accused the Emperor of being too much of a chicken, as France did not make the concessions that Germany demanded.

Seiler’s touching works remind of military equipment such as battleships or self-propelled gun carriages that he symbiotically enriches with architectural elements: the results appear to be ridiculous in their pretentious boast, their power fading if not already broken. Which values are to be flaunted, which aims should be accomplished? The large works are both delicate and mighty, while the first menacing impression will soon be replaced by reality. The allegedly powerful war machines appear to have an almost sad gesture while being utterly useles: their time has gone.

A review to the exhibition can be found here.

Alexander Seiler: “Panthersprung”
28 February – 18 April 2009

Schultz Contemporary Berlin
Mommsenstr. 34
10629 Berlin

Tu-Fr 1000-1900h, Sa 1000-1400h

Opening: 28 February 2009, 1900h

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