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Welcome Home Allen (short film, Down Under Berlin Film Festival)

Sunday, 16. September 2018, 1525h No comments

Soldiers returning home have already been pictured in several movies, such as Ted Kotcheff’s “First Blood” or Kathryn Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker”. Usually, the actual return to home and thus to a completely different reality, is just a small part. Andrew Kavanagh’s short film “Welcome Home Allen” (Australia 2016, 11′) focusses on this issue, with an approach that is both surprising and convincing. Read more…

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Kokoda VR published

Saturday, 4. November 2017, 2130h No comments

On 3 November 2017, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), an Australian public broadcaster, published the virtual reality application “Kokoda VR” free of charge. In 12 chapters, one can learn much about the fighting in Papua New Guinea between June and November 1942 when the Japanese forces tried to get to the south coast and thus the capital Port Moresby via the now famous Kokoda Track.

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