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Automatic, autonomous, out of control? The Future of Warfare (Ingolstadt, Germany)

Wednesday, 6. June 2018, 2120h No comments

From 14 to 16 June 2018, Stadttheater Ingolstadt (municipal theatre of Ingolstadt, Bavaria) organises the interdisciplinary “infotainment spectacle” Futurologischer Kongress (Futurological Congress) with various partners on the future of our society, with a strong focus on the possible results of the so-called fourth industrial revolution. The title, of course, refers to Stanisław Lem’s eponymous dystopia. In this respect, the Bavarian Army Museum hosts the panel discussion “Automatic, autonomous, out of control? The Future of Warfare”. Experts from politics, science, the defence industry and the military will discuss unmanned military systems, their possibilities and limits, and how we should deal with them. Read more…

Aircraft Carrier to be Auctioned: HMS Invincible

Thursday, 2. December 2010, 0854h No comments

Did you ever wanted to have something really special? The time is long gone to impress somebody with a simple yacht. Maybe this offer could be interesting then: since 28 November 2010, the United Kingdom is selling its aircraft carrier HMS Invincible by auction. In service since 1980, the ship lived up to its name by staying undefeated and is now awaiting the cutting torch, as it will be sold as scrap only.

Better times: HMS Invincible on voyage Read more…

Kuwait bans the Use of Digital SLR Cameras…Not!

Sunday, 28. November 2010, 1837h No comments

A few days ago we reported on the alleged ban of the public use of digital single-lens reflex cameras (SLR) by the emirate of Kuwait. As we now know, the information by the newspaper Kuwait Times proved to be wrong – luckily.

Thus, there is neither a ban, nor an art event by Kurt Buchwald. Read more…

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Kuwait Bans the Use of Digital SLR Cameras in the Public

Wednesday, 24. November 2010, 1515h No comments

As reported by the newspaper Kuwait Times (under reference to an edict by the three Ministries of Information, Social Affairs and Labour and Finances), the emirate of Kuwait has banned the public use of digital single-lens reflex cameras (SLR). Journalists are allegedly exempt from this ban.

One feels remembered to the art performance “Fotografieren verboten!” (No Pictures!) by the German photographer Kurt Buchwald from the years 1988 to 2004: in 1988, on the occasion of the 150th birthday of photography, he erected prohibition signs at worldwide viewpoints and places of interest to limit the inflationary taking of pictures. This picture of the Atacama desert in Chile has been made in 1995.

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