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(Deutsch) 68. Berlinale 2018: Filme mit Kriegsbezug

Wednesday, 14. February 2018, 1817h No comments

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(Deutsch) Berlinale 2017: Filme mit Kriegsbezug

Tuesday, 7. February 2017, 1551h No comments

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Berlinale 2016: Films that address War

Tuesday, 2. February 2016, 2334h No comments

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Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War (Imperial War Museum North, Manchester)

Friday, 11. October 2013, 1351h 2 comments

From 12 October 2013 until 23 February 2014, the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester presents the exhibition “Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War”, containing works of more than 40 contemporary artists about war in our time. The IWM’s huge and diverse collection could provide all the more than 70 works that have been made sinde the Gulf War of 1990/91. Among others, Steve McQueen, Frauke Eigen, Paul Seawright, Rasheed Araeen and Willie Doherty take part in this exhibition.

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Wounds of the World – Magnum Photos (Osnabrück)

Wednesday, 31. July 2013, 0946h No comments

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Nina Paley: This Land is Mine

Wednesday, 21. November 2012, 0037h No comments

The US cartoonist, animator and cultural activist Nina Paley (* 1968) produced the animation short film “This Land Is Mine” as part of her project “Seder-Masochism” about the Exodus. This mean little film can also be seen as a more than fitting comment to the most recent fighting in Israel and the  Gaza Strip. More information about the people shown in the film can be found on Nina Paley’s blog, or, to quote the artist: “Because you can’t tell the players without a pogrom!”


This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

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“War” – Photographs by James Nachtwey at the Military-Historical Museum, Dresden

Tuesday, 24. January 2012, 1456h No comments

From 12 February until the end of May 2012, the Militärhistorische Museum (MHM, Military-Historical Museum of the Bundeswehr1) in Dresden will show the exhibition “Krieg” (war) with photographs by James Nachtwey. He is one of the most important contemporary photojournalists; not the least, he is famous for his touching pictures from zones of war and conflict. Nachtwey will receive the Dresden Peace Award; in this course, he will open the MHM’s first special exhibition after its recent reopening. Krieg will include some 60 of his works, including his impressive 11m-long frieze that had only been on show in two exhibitions in the USA and France.

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  1. German Armed Forces

Berlinale Film Festival: Programme has been Released

Wednesday, 2. February 2011, 2008h No comments

Opening: The 3rd World in World War II (Osnabrück)

Wednesday, 5. May 2010, 1850h 2 comments

The ambitious exhibition “The Third World in World War II” travels to Osnabrück to the Erich Maria Remarque-Friedenszentrum. A “forgotten chapter in history” is to be illuminated, according to the curators.

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For my Father (German release date)

Thursday, 22. January 2009, 1528h No comments

The Israeli-German movie “For my Father” (Sof Shavua B’Tel Aviv; German: Alles für meinen Vater) about a Palestinian suicide bomber is getting released today in Germany. Read more…

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