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Gates allows Photos of Soldiers’ Coffins

Friday, 27. February 2009, 1839h No comments


US Defence Secretary Robert M. Gates allows picturing the coffins of dead US soldiers after their return to the USA at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, as long as their relatives agree. Thus, a decision made in February 1991 during the Gulf War has been revoked. Read more…

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Bundle of Soldiers

Monday, 12. January 2009, 2321h No comments

Recently, a good friend of mine sent me a link to the following picture by Toru Hanai (Reuters) on the website of the German news magazine SPIEGEL. It has already been published on January 1st with the almost dreamlike caption “Bundle of Soldiers” (German: “Soldatenbündel”). Read more…

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Window to Gaza

Thursday, 1. January 2009, 1231h No comments
Weiterhin keine Feuerpause in Sicht (, 1.1.2009)

Still no cease fire in sight (, 1.1.2009)

The Tagesschau acts creatively on the Gaza conflict: Read more…

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