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Lisa Glauer: “…later, she will build nuclear vessels” (OKK Berlin)

Wednesday, 20. February 2013, 2003h No comments

From 22 February until 3 March 2013, Berlin-based gallery Organ kritischer Kunst (OKK, organ of critical arts) presents the exhibition “…später baut sie Atomschiffe” (…later, she will build nuclear vessels” with works by Lisa Glauer. The exhibition will be opened with the performance “experimental production of evidence by visualisation”. Lisa Glauer uses breast milk as material for her works. This project is part of her PhD dissertation on Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar.

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Upper-Class Barbarians: Masquerades of Systemic Violence (ratskeller, Berlin)

Friday, 23. November 2012, 1440h No comments

From 8 November 2012 until 18 January 2013, ratskeller – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst (town hall cellar – gallery for contemporary art) in the basement of the town hall of Berlin-Lichtenberg presents the group show Barbaren der Oberschicht – Maskeraden systemischer Gewalt (Upper-Class Barbarians – Masquerades of Systemic Violence). An interesting contribution are Florian Göttke’s book and video installation “toppled”, addressing the countless statues of Saddam Husseins in Iraq: after Hussein was toppled, his statues shared the same fate. From symbols of his power, they became icons of his downfall, quite fitting to the dictator who at the end was pulled from a hole in the ground as dirty fugitive with a matted beard.

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Jan Bejšovec:”Guerra” (and other works) at FORMAT€150, Artraum Berlin

Friday, 1. June 2012, 1339h No comments
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FORMAT€150, Artraum Berlin

Saturday, 19. May 2012, 1249h No comments

The exhibition “FORMAT€150” will be shown 2-17 June 2012 at ARTraum Berlin (in the studio of artist JoDD). It’s concept is quite simple: all some 200 works of the 23 contributing artists are 18 x 24 cms and will be offered for 150.- € each. Surely, there will be enough to discover. Amongst others, textile artist Jan Bejšovec and Bernard Föll will take part with new works; both artists contributed to the Wartist exhibition “Zeitenwende”, too.

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“The Prose of Events” Opened at ARD-Hauptstadtstudio, Berlin

Wednesday, 8. February 2012, 2351h No comments

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Markus Georg Reintgen: “Remember September”

Tuesday, 13. September 2011, 1408h No comments

Ten years have now passed since the  attacks of 9/11 on the USA that profoundly changed the world. Artists try to cope with these traumatic events, including disabled artists such as Markus Georg Reintgen (* 1963 in Nastätten, Germany) in his series “Remember September”.

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“Turning Point” was opened at ARD-Hauptstadtstudio

Friday, 2. September 2011, 1255h No comments

54th Biennale di Venzia: USA – Gloria (Allora & Calzadilla)

Thursday, 2. June 2011, 1745h No comments

The Pavilion of the United States is – regardless of its Wartist-specific content – certainly one of the most compelling on the 54th Venice Biennale. Designed by the artist duo Allora & Calzadilla, “Gloria” consists of six sculptural installations, often including performance.  The artists skilfully discuss social aspects, from the worship of money in capitalism about dealing with war and remembrance to freedom.

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Cathy Coëz: “Back from War” (Brutto gusto Berlin)

Thursday, 5. May 2011, 2054h No comments

Since 29 April 2011, Berlin-based Brutto gusto presents the impressive work “Back from War” by the Belgian artist Cathy Coëz. Born in 1968 in Grenoble (France) and living in Brussels, the artist works with earthenware and porcelain since just two years: countless objects are meticulously produced and often organically arranged by her. ”Back from War“ joins her previous abstract but highly touching reflection of war.

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Media Art Festival “transmediale.11” (Berlin)

Friday, 28. January 2011, 1234h No comments

In 1988, the media art festival transmediale was founded under its name “VideoFilmFest” in the periphery of the film festival Berlinale; in 1998, it recieved its current name. There is not only a conference, but also an open competition, an exhibition and various side events. This year’s subject is called “RESPONSE:ABILITY”. In 2011, too, several works address war.

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