Kata Legrady: Bombs & Candies – Dulce et decorum (Bazon Brock, Berlin)

From 26 January until 26 February 2012, Kata Legrady presents her exhibition “Bombs & Candies. dulce et decorum” at Bazon Brock’s recently opened location “Denkerei/Amt für Arbeit an unlösbaren Problemen” (Thinkery/Bureau for Working on Irresolvable Problems) in Berlin. Grenades, pistols and assault rifles (the iconographic AK-47, of course) have been decorated with candies and remind of Antonio Riello’s “Ladies Weapons” while taking the same track between aesthetics and destruction.

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Opening: SHOOT! Photography existential (C/O Berlin)

From 5 February until 27 March 2011, the photo gallery C/O Berlin – its future still being imperiled, as the investor who bought the premises did not stick to its own agreement – presents the exhibition “SHOOT! Photography Existential”. It reminds us of a nearly forgotten fun fair attraction, the “photo shot”: the shooter “kills” himself by taking a picture of himself – obviously, this virtual self-destruction was quite fascinating.

Big fun, not the least for existentialists:

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Gerhard Richter: Images of an Era

With the exhibition “Images of an Era” (5 February – 15 May 2011), Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg presents a detailed view into Gerhard Richter’s works of the 1960s and 1970s. In February 1961, Richter fled from Eastern Germany to the West. He depicted his “new world” in large-sized pictures, often based on photos. Gerhard Richter, born in 1932 and today one of the world’s most recognised contemporary artists, has consistently addressed the Nazi period in Germany, but also war and technology. His work “XL 513” from 1964 expresses tremendous dynamics and power.

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Elly Beinhorn’s Record Flight on a Commemorative Stamp

On 13 August 1935 at around 0330h, the already well-known aviator Elly Beinhorn started in today’s Polish Gliwice (Gleiwitz) for another record flight: within one day, she wanted to fly from Germany to Asia and return; at the end, her famous flight resulted in 3,470 km within nearly 13.5 hours. This record flight, the pilot and her plane – a Bf-108 “Taifun” (Typhoon) – are being honoured by a commemorative stamp, issued on 12 August 2010 by the German postal service Deutschen Post AG.

Design by Klein & Neumann, Iserlohn

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Peter Sauerer

A friend called our attention to the works of Peter Sauerer: his wooden sculptures are often in a small scale and address history, celebrities and our memory and imagination. For this, he is often making use of irony if not mockery without trivialising his subjects. The spatially small works condense the issues and commit the viewer to take a thorough look at them.

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Of Corn Grenades and Nazi Kittens

Again in this year, to be precise on December 4th 2008 at the venue TIPI am Kanzleramt (close to the Federal Chancellery), the professional interest magazine politik&kommunikation presented its Politikaward. For Wartist, too, there was something to be enjoyed: remembering the campaign of M&C Saatchi (Berlin) for the regional association of the party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Greens)regarding the election of the state parliament in Lower Saxony on January 27th 2008. Continue reading “Of Corn Grenades and Nazi Kittens”