“Historical Picture” at Kunstraum t27 (Berlin)

From 11 December 2010, Berlin-based gallery Kunstraum t27 is presenting the group exhibition “Historienbild” (historical painting) within the six-part exhibition series about the various genres of (not just) painting. “Historienbild” has the subject of dealing with history, and interestingly all the works directly or indirectly address war.

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Opening: “End Time Europe” (Osnabrück)

The Erich Maria Remarque Friedenszentrum (Erich Maria Remarque Peace Centre) in Osnabrück shows from 20 August 2010 onwards the travelling exhibition “Endzeit Europa” (End Time Europe – A Collective Diary of French and German Authors 1914-1918) by the Brandenburgisches Literaturbüro in Potsdam. Private texts by French and German authors will be shown, together with impressive colour photos by the photographers Jules Gervais-Courtellemont and Hans Hildenbrand.

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Peter Sauerer

A friend called our attention to the works of Peter Sauerer: his wooden sculptures are often in a small scale and address history, celebrities and our memory and imagination. For this, he is often making use of irony if not mockery without trivialising his subjects. The spatially small works condense the issues and commit the viewer to take a thorough look at them.

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Chris Dreier & Andreas Seltzer: “Souvenir de Verdun” (Laura Mars, Berlin)

From 27 February to 3 April 2010, Chris Dreier and Andreas Seltzer present with “Souvenir de Verdun” their extensive work on the Battle of Verdun in the Berlin-based gallery Laura Mars Grp. Dreier made touching photos with her pinhole cameras; the landscape’s scarredness is being caught in the images, as well as its recapturing by nature. Andreas Seltzer is adding to the fascinating exhibition with meticulous drawings; they are based on travel guides to the former battlefield, supplemented by further elements.

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Opening: Dogs in Wars – Dogs as Weapons (Osnabrück)

From 28 January 2010, the Erich Maria Remarque-Friedenszentrum in Osnabruck presents with “Hunde im Krieg – Hunde als Waffe” (Dogs in Wars – Dogs as Weapons) an exhibition that addresses quite a specific subject: the use of “man’s best friend” in wars.

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Exhibition: War and Medicine (Dresden)

The Deutsche Hygiene-Museum (German Hygiene Museum) in Dresden presents from 4 April to 9 August 2009 the comprehensive exhibition “Krieg und Medizin” (War and Medicine). It has been organised in cooperation with the Wellcome Collection in London, where the exhibition could be seen from 22 November 2008 to 15 February 2009. The multifaceted Ausstellung exposition includes 450 exhibits on 800m²: photos, surgical instruments, prostheses, documents, but also video installations, paintings and other works of art. A visit is highly recommended.

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Jan Bejšovec: Peace Column (Berlin)

Jan Bejšovec, a textile artist working in Berlin, is opening his textile installation “Friedenssäule” (Peace Column) on Tuesday, February 3rd at 1400h in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Mehringplatz. Continue reading “Jan Bejšovec: Peace Column (Berlin)”