Wartist presents: Group Show “Turning Point” on 10 years of 9/11 at ARD-Hauptstadtstudio, Berlin

We are proud to present the group show “Zeitenwende” (turning point) on the premises of the both centrally located and well-visited ARD-Hauptstadtstudio on 1 September 2011. 12 artists show their positions on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and their ongoing aftermath: more than 50 works include light, video and textile installations, photography, watercolours and paintings. The exhibition is curated by Martin Bayer (wartist.org) and will be opened on 1 September 2011 by Head of ARD-Hauptstadtstudio Ulrich Deppendorf. “Zeitenwende” is a cooperation with Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft (German Atlantic Association).

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54th Biennale di Venzia: USA – Gloria (Allora & Calzadilla)

The Pavilion of the United States is – regardless of its Wartist-specific content – certainly one of the most compelling on the 54th Venice Biennale. Designed by the artist duo Allora & Calzadilla, “Gloria” consists of six sculptural installations, often including performance.  The artists skilfully discuss social aspects, from the worship of money in capitalism about dealing with war and remembrance to freedom.

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Don’t miss it: La Biennale di Venezia

Soon, THE art event of 2011 is about to begin: on 4 June, the 54th Biennale di Venezia, curated by Bice Curiger with this time’s title “ILLUMInazioni” will be opened. Again this year, critics will point out how very outdated national pavillons are in the time of globalisation. And again this year, the many national pavillons will demonstrate the different ways of (re)presenting art.

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Mihai Grecu: „we’ll become oil“ (Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin)

From 30 April to 9 July 2011, Berlin-based Hengesbach Gallery presents the impressive 8-mins video “we’ll become oil” by Mihai Grecu, born in 1981 in Sebeș (Romania): Attack helicopters appear in an empty desert. After flying some artistic patterns together, they suddenly crash into each other. A cut leads the film to its next scene: a massive wall of flames and thick black smoke is generated by a huge fire, obviously of burning oil. Its destructive power is supported by a both hypnotic and dark sound.

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Media Art Festival “transmediale.11” (Berlin)

In 1988, the media art festival transmediale was founded under its name “VideoFilmFest” in the periphery of the film festival Berlinale; in 1998, it recieved its current name. There is not only a conference, but also an open competition, an exhibition and various side events. This year’s subject is called “RESPONSE:ABILITY”. In 2011, too, several works address war.

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Opening: SHOOT! Photography existential (C/O Berlin)

From 5 February until 27 March 2011, the photo gallery C/O Berlin – its future still being imperiled, as the investor who bought the premises did not stick to its own agreement – presents the exhibition “SHOOT! Photography Existential”. It reminds us of a nearly forgotten fun fair attraction, the “photo shot”: the shooter “kills” himself by taking a picture of himself – obviously, this virtual self-destruction was quite fascinating.

Big fun, not the least for existentialists:

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