Donald vs. Hitler (Spiegel)

In the German news magazine Spiegel, Sven Stillich published a short article on animated short movies that had been produced in the USA during the Second World War. Stylistics and motivation were quite different. The most known movie will be Disney’s “Der Fuehrer’s Face” from 1943, in which Donald Duck has a nightmare in “Nutzi Land”.

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Alexander Seiler: Panthersprung (Schultz Contemporary Berlin)

“I am a cheerful pessimist”

As it had been announced here earlier, Alexander Seiler is presenting some of his fascinating objects in the gallery Schultz Contemporary Berlin. The large-format works of the exhibition “Panthersprung” (“Panther’s Leap”, 28 February – 18 April 2009) make a visit worthwhile. Continue reading “Alexander Seiler: Panthersprung (Schultz Contemporary Berlin)”

Oscar Awards 2009

On 22 January 2009, this year’s Oscars have been presented in Los Angeles, arguably the world’s most important film awards. At least some of the winners are dealing with war and terror. We are especially pleased about the Oscar for the German short movie Spielzeugland (Toyland) by Jochen Alexander Freydank. Continue reading “Oscar Awards 2009”

Annie Leibovitz: “A Photographer’s Life . 1990-2005” (C/O Berlin)


As already announced, on 20 February 2009, Annie Leibovitz has opened her exhibition “A Photograper’s Life . 1990-2005” in the gallery C/O Berlin. In addition to many celebrety portraits, private pictures and some landscapes, there is also a small, but fine selection of her photos from Sarajevo and Rwanda. Continue reading “Annie Leibovitz: “A Photographer’s Life . 1990-2005” (C/O Berlin)”

Michel Valentino: Valkyrie – Return of a Myth

 Michel Valentino’s disturbing Works on “Valkyrie – Return of a Myth”

Reading on the current coverage of today’s German release date of the movie Valkyrie,1 I came across the both impressive and disturbing works of Michel Valentino.

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  1. See the Wartist entry on the German movie title; the European premiere of Valkyrie was on 20 January 2009.