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(Deutsch) 68. Berlinale 2018: Filme mit Kriegsbezug

Wednesday, 14. February 2018, 1817h No comments

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Conference: Central and Eastern Europe after the First World War

Thursday, 11. January 2018, 2329h No comments

From 31 January until 2 February 2018, the academic conference “Central and Eastern Europe after the First World War” will take place at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic. Various presentations will address this highly interesting segment of post-war history.

The Embassador of the Slovak Republic, H.E. Peter Lizák, will give the welcome address, followed by the keynote speech “The Second Great War, 1917-1923” by the renowned historian Jay Winter.

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Berlinale 2016: Films that address War

Tuesday, 2. February 2016, 2334h No comments

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“AKA Peace” Live Auction at Phillips de Pury & Company, London

Tuesday, 2. October 2012, 0835h 2 comments

After having been on show at ICA London (26-30 September 2012), the 24 works of “AKA Peace” will be auctioned on 4 October 2012 at 1930h at Phillips de Pury & Company in London versteigert. An illustrious group of contemporary artists (e.g. Mat Collishaw, Gavin Turk, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley and Bran Symondson, initiated by the latter) dealt with the highly symbolic assault rifle AK-47 for the charity organisation Peace One Day.

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Borrowed Plumes: Demokratie-Spiegel writes about Jürgen Graetz’s “Erinnerungen”

Monday, 1. November 2010, 1632h No comments

The online magazine “Demokratie-Spiegel” published a short review about the photo exhibition “Jürgen Graetz: Erinnerungen” that is curated by Martin Bayer. They already had been so kind to previously point to the exhibition’s opening  on 29 October 2010.

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The “Kursk” Disaster: 10 Years After

Thursday, 12. August 2010, 1951h No comments

Ten years ago, the Russian submarine K-141 Kursk sunk; 118 submariners lost their lives. The “Kursk” disaster was – besides the accident as such – a multifold debacle: Russia was not able to save its submariners; the relief operation was – to put it mildly- very chaotic; and even raising the hull had to be done by the Dutch companies Mammoet and Smit Internationale. About one year ago, at least the long-planned and eagerly awaited memorial was unveiled in Murmansk: central element of the monument is the sail (command tower) of the submarine that was raised in 2001.

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New Stalin Memorial Unveiled

Friday, 7. May 2010, 1331h No comments

Already on 5 May 2010, a memorial for Stalin was unveiled in the south-Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia. While it is of no special artistic importance (it could have been put on this way some 60 years ago; maybe there was even an old bust to be used for a mould?), it is even more so politically.

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Opening: Dogs in Wars – Dogs as Weapons (Osnabrück)

Friday, 15. January 2010, 1856h Comments off

From 28 January 2010, the Erich Maria Remarque-Friedenszentrum in Osnabruck presents with “Hunde im Krieg – Hunde als Waffe” (Dogs in Wars – Dogs as Weapons) an exhibition that addresses quite a specific subject: the use of “man’s best friend” in wars.

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“Kursk” Memorial Dishonoured

Wednesday, 16. December 2009, 1919h No comments

Barents Observer reported that the memorial for the 118 Russian sailors who died when their submarine K-141 Kursk sunk on 12 August 2000 had been “dishonoured by vandals”. The monument had been unveiled in July this year in Murmansk. Its inscription “For submariners who have died in peacetime” had been stolen.

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“Kursk” Memorial Finally Unveiled

Wednesday, 12. August 2009, 1827h No comments

Good things come to those who wait… The memorial for the 118 Russian sailors who died when their submarine K-141 Kursk sunk on 12 August 2000 was finally unveiled in Murmansk. Nine years after the disaster, there is now a memorial to remember the submariners in Murmansk.

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