(Deutsch) 68. Berlinale 2018: Filme mit Kriegsbezug

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Exhibition: Jacques Grison – Devant Verdun (Bar-le-Duc, F)

From 16 November 2017 to 30 March 2018, Jacques Grison presents his photos on the battlefield of Verdun from his series “Devant Verdun” in the eponymous exhibition in the gallery of the département’s administration in Bar-le-Duc (France) präsentieren. Since decades, Grison, who was born in the region, approaches the former battlefield through his photos: His pictures show the wounds of war, still visible in a landscape that was shaped by the fighting one hundred years ago.

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Verdun: Der lange Weg zum Frieden 1916-2016 (Institut Français Berlin)

Institut Français Berlin presents the photo exhibition “Verdun: Der lange Weg zum Frieden 1916-2016” (Verdun: the long way to peace 1916-2016) one hundred years after the Battle of Verdun. Since years, British photographer Michael St Maur Sheil addresses the battle fields of the First World War. The battle changed the landscape, which is visible even nowadays: forts and gun cupolas that were shot to pieces, shell holes and trenches, barbed wire and unexpolded munitions. Continue reading “Verdun: Der lange Weg zum Frieden 1916-2016 (Institut Français Berlin)”

The Desire for Freedom – Art in Europe since 1945 (DHM Berlin)

From 17 October 2012 to 10 February 2013, the Deutsche Historische Museum (German Historical Museum, DHM) Berlin presents the 30th Council of Europe Art Exhibition “The Desire for Freedom – Art in Europe since 1945”. Not the least it is most interesting that the tradition of Enlightenment is the centre of reference instead of the two-bloc confrontation between the East and the West Cold War, as one might have assumed. Thus, multifaceted approaches towards freedom by 113 artists from 28 countries can be seen; paintings, drawings, photos, videos and installations by e.g. Ian Hamilton Finlay, Gerhard Richter, René Magritte, Richard Hamilton, Tadeusz KantorErik Bulatov, Aurora Reinhard and Christo, to name a few. Continue reading “The Desire for Freedom – Art in Europe since 1945 (DHM Berlin)”

Jens Kloppmann: “schlachten” (Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin)

On 5 May 2011, Kunstraum Richard Sorge will open the solo show “schlachten” with works by Jens Kloppmann. The exhibits presented address war, perception and commemoration by various ways and different materials. On show from 8 May onwards (and thus parallel to the anniversary of unconditional surrender of German forces in World War II), the exhibition will be supported by special events such as an artist’s talk on 26 May, moderated by Martin Bayer (wartist.org).

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Documentary “Remembering the Children” (Berlin)

On the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp on 27. January 2011, Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus e.V.Institut Français Berlin and Gegen Vergessen – Für Demokratie e.V. present the documentary “Remembering the Children” (La Mémoire des Enfants) by Hannes Gellner and Thomas Draschan, made in 2007. The film deals with the fate of Jewish children under the Vichy regime. The film attemps to fathom how it was possible (in human, legal, and administrative terms) that between 1942 and 1944 more than 11,400 Jewish children were deported from France to Auschwitz on the initiative of the French authorities.

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“Historical Picture” at Kunstraum t27 (Berlin)

From 11 December 2010 to 9 January 2011 (and as already announced here), the Berlin-based gallery Kunstraum t27 celebrates its third birthday with the group exhibition “Historienbild” within a six-part exhibition series about the various genres of (not just) painting. All the 30 works by Chris Dreier, Andreas Seltzer, Henning Kappenberg, Barbara Duisberg and Thilo Droste differently address history and remembering the past, but not the least war.

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Opening: “End Time Europe” (Osnabrück)

The Erich Maria Remarque Friedenszentrum (Erich Maria Remarque Peace Centre) in Osnabrück shows from 20 August 2010 onwards the travelling exhibition “Endzeit Europa” (End Time Europe – A Collective Diary of French and German Authors 1914-1918) by the Brandenburgisches Literaturbüro in Potsdam. Private texts by French and German authors will be shown, together with impressive colour photos by the photographers Jules Gervais-Courtellemont and Hans Hildenbrand.

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